Chickenpox And Smallpox Treatment Best Home Remedy 2021?

 Symptoms of Chickenpox & Small pox

Chickenpox And Smallpox It can affect young children or both children of the same age. When a barber is seen, sometimes someone has to face it.

There are several home remedies for smallpox. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.


What is chicken pox?

Chickenpox And Smallpox Treatment Best Home Remedy 2021?
Chickenpox And Smallpox Treatment Best Home Remedy 2021?

Chicken is of two types, it is called small chicken (little mother) and big chick (big mother).

It is a serious disease. Smallpox causes rashes on the body. This pain is hurting, there is no happiness.

Patients face difficulties due to this disease. Many people are surprised, and do not immediately notice smallpox.


It is a complex disease, passed from one patient to another.

This is because whenever there is a problem, take note of it and immediately control the patients who are away from home.

IA knows how to treat you.


Causes of chicken pox and smallpox


Smallpox is a disease caused by Vishnu. Diseases related to this disease include small skin sounds, mouth and throat pain.

It’s only in men. Two types of articles are responsible for this


Variola major


Variola Manor


How low risk is “Variola major”. There are very few deaths because of it. The disease is very complex, and occurs very quickly.

Prior to the invention of the vaccine, the disease had had epidemic-like consequences, and many people had died.


The word “major” is not related to “major”. Because of this, death is unlikely. Since its inception, China has had problems with grains and darkness.

It is important to identify smallpox at this time. Several home remedies (home remedies for chicken pox) are taught with age


difference between chicken pox and smallpox


Both smallpox are Danny Nickletti. This is a great mother who is the mother of little mothers.

So whenever you have a home-based home remedy, it is identified first.


After that, you will be rediscovered in the donation of large chitchats. From them comes a crust.


Little Mom’s little things. In the meanwhile, there is no need for a scab to come out of them. It occurs in young children at an early age.


 Symptoms of Chicken Pox and Smallpox


Smallpox can have the following levels:


Very fast


Slowly the body finds the red Danny, within 4-5 days. Very happy


Frequent sore throat.


There is pain and hunger all over the body.


Nausea, or vomiting again and again.


Headaches persist.


There is also a place of pain in the back. (Avoid lower back pain)


Swelling, coughing in the street.




Runny nose


When it shines, it sticks out like a strip.


The third or fourth and sometimes it has something special.


In the mouth, in the street, and up to the vocal cords, the small sputum (vesicles) will turn into a growing wound.


There are small red spots (molecules), first on the lantern and on the coals.


After that, the hands, torso, back and finally the legs are out in order. The front of the lantern, cherry hand on, and hands are more prone to pain.


It is not clear on the parts of the hands, chest and elbows.


Not at all in the panel (axis)


These spots change over time. After a few knees, Papule (repulses) form, which are very small points.

For the first 2-3 days, these patches come out, then they are applied after the change in the vesicles (vesicles), and in about 24 hours, these spots will form.


These are equivalent to Stotikas, there will be a large number of genes.


In two or three days, this drive is to be filled with post or equivalent, and become a pustule.


From swelling to redness in the attention all around.


The fever subsided within two days of the study, and has since risen again.


In the next eight or nine days these grains begin to dry out, and stay there


Every day is different, or sometimes longer.


The disease is more common due to the formation of plaque and stomatica, but when it is remembered in the dentists, the disease is more common.

The disease has a fever, and the disease looks like a beggar.


Home Remedies for Chicken Pox or Small Pox


Your home run (home remedies for chickenpox) may be possible this way.


Carrot and Coriander


Carrots and coriander leaves are both cool. It is a good antioxidant.

Boil a piece of geyser and 1.5 cups of coriander in 2.5 cups of water. Be able to stay half Use it once a day for a month.


From the use of neut to the home environment of chuck (semi: home remedies for chicken pox)


The Ne um rocks are attached to the ridiculous part with water. Use in semi-stagnant water, and in this stagnant water.

The chances of lubrication are reduced, and the pain is reduced.


Beneficial in Using Pepper in Treat Chickenpox


2-3 tablespoons of black fish paste in 1 tablespoon of patty juice 2-3 times a day. Mothers younger and older are fine.


Oatmeal Prevention (Oat Flour: Chicken Pox Treatment)


There is a lot of joy in the body when there is smallpox. The amount of water in the mixture boiled for about 15 minutes.

In this water, the children of the dollar happily meet in the bathtub.


Vinegar Use to Prevent Chickenpox


Pour half a cup of vinegar into the water. To be happy


Package in green meter water, and apply to the body of this water. The red chocolate in smallpox disappears.


Benefits of Vitamin E Yakut Oil Related Products (ChickenPox Home Treatment with Vitamin E Oil)


You also need to use vitamin E oil. The body needs to look at things that are caused by vitamin E oil.


Beneficial in Baking Soda Chic her (ChickenPox Treatment with Baking Soda)


Bedding soda has Giovanni selective properties, which help to keep away from wound infections.

Half a teaspoon of baking soda is mixed with water. Apply a clean cloth to the affected area of the doggie, and note the drying.

Home Remedies for ChickenPox And smallpox with Honey

Honey has antibiotic properties, which are not revealed in the body in any way.

Pure Pure honey (home remedies for chickenpox) on the affected area 2-3 times


Precautions in Chicken (Precautions in ChickenPox Home Treatment)


It is important to take care of smallpox every day.


Not cooking ghee and oil of the disease


If there are small children, there is happiness in their body.


The disease bed, cloth, towel, etc. should all be clean and separate.


Wash the clothes of diseases and towels etc. with water of Rose Ne um, like water.


Smallpox vaccine (vaccination for chickenpox or smallpox)


At present the disease is very rare. Today, patients are tested by the government every 3-6 months.

Doctors of heart patients have a lot of control over the health sector.


Checker related articles and answers (Frequently Asked Questions about chicken pox and smallpox)


Smallpox OK What time does it take?


When there is no disease, there is disease. During the treatment of smallpox at home, the physical illness is cured until it is physically developed. By the way, it can be 10-21 days. It usually lasts for 5-10 days.


According to age, what causes dizziness?


Little Mozanika of Chi char in Ayurveda said. It is a contagious disease. In this disease, due to the three sins of the body, stomach and cuff are due to different places of error.


Home Remedies for ChickenPox (Home Remedies for ChickenPox) So whenever a person is confronted, this is the way to fulfill today’s time.




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