Mouth Ulcer Treatments with best Home Remedy 2021?

Mouth ulcer is a common problem that occurs in almost all people at some time. 

These blisters are on the inside of the cheeks, on the tongue and on the inside of the lips. 

They appear like white or red wounds. 

It is not such a big problem but it is very painful, because of ulceration,

there is irritation in the mouth and difficulty in eating anything and sometimes blood comes out from the mouth. 

Due to not getting treatment on time, it sometimes becomes the cause of cancer.

Mouth Ulcer Treatments with Home Remedy 2021?
Treatments with Home Remedy 2021?

Introduction of  Mouth Ulcer?


 In Ayurveda, the problem of mouth canker is called Mukhpak.  This condition is seen when it is more pungent, stomach upset or constipation, there is burning sensation and difficulty in eating anything.  Mouth ulcers are caused due to bile defects.  The ayurvedic treatment reduces bald bile by balancing pitta dosha.


 Mouth ulcer is both small and big type.  Depending on the cause, there are two types of it.


 Aphthous blisters- These are ulcers due to stomach upset, spicy food or other reasons mentioned above.  They do not spread due to some disease and due to others.  They are Non-Contagious.


 Fever blisters – These are caused by the Herpes simplex virus around the lips.


 Why do Canker/Mouth Ulcers occur? 


 Most people start searching for medicines or home remedies without knowing the cause of canker ulcers.  Keep in mind that if you are not knowing the exact cause of the blisters then it will be very difficult to treat it.  Usually, as mentioned above, there is an ulcer in the mouth due to imbalance of Pitta dosha.  Apart from this, there are other reasons for mouth ulcers.  Let us first know about them:


 Upset stomach or constipation.


 Cleaning the teeth with a bristle brush or accidentally cutting the cheek while chewing.


 Caused by the presence of bacteria called Helicobacter pylori.


 Lack of vitamin B-12, zinc, folic acid and iron in the body.


 Eating heavily fried and chili-spiced food.


 Due to changes in hormones that occur at the time of menstruation in women.


 Using a toothpaste or mouthwash that contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.


 Sensitivity or allergy to a particular food item is seen in some people such as eggs, strawberries, nuts or pungent food.


 Chemicals like aspirin or alcohol come into contact with the mucous membranes of our mouth, which make them necrotic, which can cause blisters here.


 Apart from this, some diseases also cause Canker ulcers.


 Mouth blisters occur frequently in those who have constipation problems for a long time.


 In case of intestinal diseases like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.


 A bowel disorder called celiac disease, in which a person has sensitivity to gluten, is a protein found in gluten grains.


 Weakness of immunity power.


 HIV.  Being, which reduces the ability to fight disease.


 Prevention from canker


 Diet and lifestyle changes are needed to avoid .


 Avoid eating chili and spices.


 Mouth ulcers also occur due to the presence of too much chewing gum.  So, avoid it.


 Eat fruits and vegetables containing vitamin-C.


 Drink plenty of milk-based foods such as yogurt, butter, cheese and milk so that the body is not deficient in vitamin B, which is one of the reasons for canker ulcers.


 Use raw onions as a salad with meals.


 Take nutritious diet because lack of vitamin B6, folic acid, zinc and iron also cause blisters.


 Drink 7-8 glasses of water daily.


 Avoid the problem of constipation so eat fibrous vegetables and fruits in your diet.


 Eat green tea.


 Take special care of cleaning the mouth.


 Clean the teeth with a soft-brushed toothbrush.


 Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcers


 In case of mouth ulcers, instead of eating English medicine immediately, first of all home remedies should be adopted.  If the blisters are not cured by home treatment, then one should go to the doctor.  Let’s know about these home remedies:


 Home remedies for mouth ulcers with Tulsi (Tulsi: Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcers)

Mouth Ulcer Treatments with Home Remedy 2021?
Treatments with Home Remedy 2021?

 Chew 4-5 leaves of basil and eat it twice a day.


 Use of honey and liquorice paste beneficial in mouth ulcers (Honey and Mulethi: Ayurvedic Treatment of Mouth Ulcer)


 Mix the powder of liquorice in honey and apply this paste on the mouth ulcers and let the saliva drip out of the mouth.


 Black Catechu: Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcers


 Catechu is very beneficial for mouth ulcers.  Mix catechu, liquorice powder and honey and apply it on the mouth ulcers.  Also, mix catechu in guava soft leaves and chew it like betel leaf.


 Gargle Beneficial for Mouth Ulcer


 Rinse is very beneficial in curing Mouth Ulcers.  Just what material will prove beneficial for whom it depends on human nature.


 Add honey to lemonade and rinse with it.

Mouth Ulcer Treatments with Home Remedy 2021?
Treatments with Home Remedy 2021?

 Boil one spoon of coriander powder in a cup of water.  If the water is cold, rinse it 3-4 times a day.


 To reduce burning sensation in the blisters, mix turmeric powder in glycerin and apply on the ulcer and rinse after 20-25 minutes.


 Gargle by making a decoction of the bark of berries.  (Benefits of berries)


 Make a decoction of nutmeg and rinse it 5-6 times a day.


 30g  1 bark of banyan bark.  Mouth blisters are cured by boiling in water.


 Honey and cardamom beneficial in canker ulcers 


 You can also use honey to cure canker.  For this, make a mixture by mixing honey and cardamom powder.  Apply this mixture directly on the blisters for 2-3 days.


 Jasmine: Home remedy for canker


 Grind jasmine leaves and apply its juice to the bark, it reduces bark.


 Amla, cardamom, fennel, sugar candy powder beneficial in mouth ulcers (Amla powder Beneficial for canker)


 25g  Amla, 10 g.  Fennel, 5 g  White cardamom and 25g  Make a powder by crushing the sugar candy.  It is half a gram  Take twice a day with water.


 10g  21/2 g in warm milk.  Mixing camphor powder and applying it on the blisters destroys canker.


 When should I go to the doctor?  (When to See a Doctor?)


 If canker is coming again or again, the condition is getting worse and worse, it should not be late to go to the doctor.


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